All About My Mother

A lawyer called the broker

And left a message wanting to know about the account and if dmil could get at least half of it without dh’s permission. Broker didn’t talk to him and won’t. He called dh and told him what was going on. It sounded like a fishing expedition to us. Broker wanted us to know that he wasn’t certain it was even a lawyer because in the nearly 40 years he’s been a broker he’s never had such a call.
I looked up the name of the broker on the internet and he’s a job counseling lawyer. No estate planning or anything like that. I have a feeling sil did a legal aid 30 minute one free phone call free deal.
Broker suggested dh calling the guy and just listening to what he had to say then hang up. I reminded dh that lawyers record everything and that my daddy always told me the person who makes the first move in a negotiation always loses. I also pointed out this was not a settlement offer but a fishing expedition. So we’ll see what sil’s next move is. Hopefully it’s not a violent one, dh is worried about that. In the meantime, we’re working on getting dmil out of there.