All About My Mother

I know it’s my own fault, BUT..

So i just got off the phone with the pest control company. I’ve had a problem with their service from day 1 (literally. they half did the job and called it done.) Their position since then has been pretty much “Well, if you’re unhappy cancel the contract. There’s a $180 cancellation fee.” (why do I get the feeling that’s pretty much the way they work it?)

Anyway, I have 3 $99 treatments left in my contract. I was hoping with DH being out of work, the company would be willing to negotiate a lower get of out contract rate. Nope.

My choices are:

1. Pay the $180 flat out (something I had actually planned on doing before DH got fired.);
2. Get $1000 personal loan from;
3. Keep the contract, and have them “auto debit” $33 every month for the next 9 months or so.

The hairs on the back of my little DR head are just standing up. This is how it’s so easy to be in debt, because we can “afford the payments” versus the single purchase.