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In addition to the suggestion to contact the BBB

and/or any Consumer Products Commissioner your city/county/state might have, I’d encourage you to “kick it up a notch” in publicity. Companies sometimes ignore government finger-wagging but they can’t ignore public pressure. I seem to recall that several SoCal television stations and newspapers had consumer advocates who would do stories about folks taken advantage of like this. Put that company under the spotlight of public scrutiny, and many times you’ll either get your money back very quickly, or better service, or both. There is zero reason why you should continue to be billed by these folks for half-a$$ work, AND allow them to continue to call the shots. Turn loose one of those reporters on them, and they’ll very likely get very cooperative, very quickly. Particularly if you are Ms. Reasonable and all you want is to end the contract. That’s a heckuva lot easier for them to do than go back and provide additional services or a refund.

Also, with your bank, you can inform them that you are involved in a dispute over contractual services rendered, and that the ongoing debit of $30/month is no longer authorized. I have had to do that once in awhile, and it’s usually not a big deal. They will want to know a) the company name, b) the recurring amount, and c) the date it usually is debited. If the bank is like ours was, they will put an electronic block on your account that prevents that particular amount, from that particular company, from being withdrawn. And I’d certainly think that “in a dispute” with the company is an accurate, honest representation on your part that these funds really aren’t authorized anymore. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to call the bank and at least try to get them stopped. Might be easier than you think. If nothing else, it will give you some time to remedy the situation with them, and let them know you aren’t have a few tools in your own toolbox, to force some negotiations. If they threaten to sue for it, threaten to take them to small claims court with plenty of photos and/or documentation of the work they have or have not done. That also usually gets a company’s attention. No one wants to go to small claims court.