All About My Mother

Local company

It took 3 visits (versus the 1 they told me it would take) to “finish” they job because according to them “they weren’t prepared with the right equipment.”
Yeah, I can tell it might have taken a lot of specialized equipment to knock down the dead wasp nests (they did a walk around when they bid the job out to begin with) and to pick up the dead wasps nests and put them in the trash or take them with them.
The last time they showed up to “work and spray” without an appointment, it was RAINING, and I mean a near deluge. I was like, really. You want me to let you on to my property in the rain, so you can spray, and have everything wash off just so you can bill me for it???
That’s pretty much been the tone of the company. Do as little as possible, what little is done is done poorly, but we’re going to hold you to YOUR written part of the contract.