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Long term care insurance

I work in a retirement community that offers assisted living and a specialized unit for those with Alzheimer’s or related dementias. I highly recommend getting long term care insurance. This coverage works for assisted living as well as nursing home care. Most of my residents do not have long term care insurance but I know many baby boomers who are being proactive and investing early. I think Dave recommends it for anyone 50 and over.

Here’s another little known tip for those dealing with elderly parents. If your dad (or mom) was a veteran during a time of war and was honorably discharged, there is a program through the VA called the Aide and Assistance program. This benefit extends to spouses of veterans as well. Coverage includes assisted living and nursing home care and many people are unaware of it. There are certain financial criteria that need to be met but some of my residents are getting over $1000 per month toward their care. Contact your local VA office for details.